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Google Wants To Improve Security of Android Phones, in Addition To Pixels


Security of Android Phones: Google lifts the lid on the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative (APVI). The idea is to offer better security to all Android smartphones and not just to Pixels (Google smartphones).

The program will notify users when Google discovers security issues affecting smartphones from Samsung and other manufacturers. “ApVI covers issues discovered by Google that could potentially affect the security of Android phones or its user,” google says.

There are already monthly security updates from Android that plug security vulnerabilities. Manufacturers are invited to offer them monthly to their users, but this is (unfortunately) rarely the case. The APVI is not going to make much of a difference on this. On the other hand, the initiative will allow to know all the security vulnerabilities discovered by Google “apart from the AOSP code that are unique to a much smaller set of Android smartphone manufacturers,” Google says.

Google says, for example, that it has noticed security flaws with pre-installed apps on Android smartphones. In one case, the search giant spotted that a pre-installed web browser on many devices could have exposed its users’ credentials. Password information was also affected. Google reported the issue to the manufacturer concerned and an update was then offered to users. The name of the browser is not given.

All security vulnerabilities discovered with the Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative are shared on this page.

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