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How To Extend Battery Life Of Smartphones

How To Extend Battery Life Of Smartphones

The number of people searching for how to extend battery life of smartphones is rising every day. Many users can relate with the frustration of continuously having their phone’s dead. Despite the strides forward in modern mobile phone technology, batteries haven’t made much noticeable progress. That has prompted a need for better battery life on smartphones to become one of the most significant factors considered when a user buys a smartphone, according to an annual survey conducted by global smartphone maker Nokia. The Nokia Consumer Survey found that the vast majority of mobile phone users would like to see improvements in their battery life.

Battery performance is largely determined by the number of apps installed, the screen size and orientation, the memory card, and the connection speed. However, not all of these factors have been taken into account when designing smartwares, which leads to problems with battery usage. Users who use their smartphones frequently for downloading movies or games or even just for surfing the internet are more likely to face problems with battery power.

Battery life of smartphones is affected by many different factors, but the largest one is the use of cellular phones. People who constantly use their smartphones to send text messages, check emails and even watch videos are more likely to experience slow performance of their batteries.

There are a number of ways to extend battery life of smartphones. One way to get rid of those annoying black bars in the display is by using “taskbar over battery” feature on your mobile phone. If your smartphone runs on Microsoft Windows operating system, then you can add this feature to increase the visibility of your application icons while your screen is off. This will greatly help in cutting down the time taken for your smartphone to perform all tasks.

Another way of increasing the battery life of your smartphone is to reduce the number of background applications, which can result to increased memory and storage space usage. Although some people may find it hard to use their smartphones for longer hours each day, if they use their smartphone for less than an hour every day, then the amount of memory, storage space and CPU will automatically decrease. In fact, it is better to make regular backups of your important data files and information so that you can recover them easily if anything happens to your smart phone’s internal memory.

Lastly, users can try other ways to enhance their smartphone’s battery life such as cleaning out unnecessary applications and widgets that take up space in the memory. This should be done regularly by running a system scan on your smartphone. When you perform the scan, you will be able to determine the files and folders which consume a lot of space and eliminate them from your smartphone. By doing so, your smartphone will run faster and longer without being overloaded.

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