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Is the Pixel Launcher, Search Bar Swaps the Assistant Icon For Mic?

Is the Pixel Launcher, Search Bar Swaps the Assistant Logo For Mic?

Google’s new Pixel launcher has the Assistant icon and Google search bar swapped with the microphone icons respectively. I’ve seen this change in many of my Google Pixel phones but I don’t know if it’s actually changed on my own phones (which I have three, all the same) – if you have seen the new Google Pixel Launcher or Pixel phone in the store and seen the new Assistant icon in place of the mic icon then you may want to check the “Assistant” setting in the settings menu.

If you look in your Assistant settings you will see that it’s changed from Google Search Bar icons to Assistant icon. It seems that Google is trying to introduce this change to make Assistant feel more natural and less like an alien robot from the future. With this change, Google is also making the Assistant looks like a more natural interface for users that are not familiar with Google’s products and services.

The Assistant does a good job of providing relevant information for people who use it (most people do) but with this change the Assistant will probably look a little more natural to users that don’t use it frequently. Although, if you’re still finding that Google’s interface isn’t really the one you would expect, this change might just be what you’re looking for.

The Assistant does some very cool things, but it can also be incredibly confusing at times. One of the biggest problems with Google’s Assistant interface is that you have to learn how to use it in order to get the most out of it and make the most of its abilities.

For example, in some situations you may find that Google is not showing you relevant results because the Googlebot is offline. In this case you should use the “Clear History” option in order to stop Googlebot from logging out and starting everything all over again. The Google Assistant will show you the most relevant results, when it is able to work around your problems in this way.

As a result, Google’s Assistant is now much more useful. This change has been made by Google and will make users who use the Assistant far more comfortable.

To see how this new feature works, you can look in your Google search bar settings and see that Assistant icon have replaced the microphone icon. You may be surprised to see how useful it can be in certain situations.

So, if you’ve been frustrated by the lack of functionality that Google has shown you from time to time, then you’ll probably want to check the Google Assistant settings to see that the icon that you’re used to seeing on the side bar is now replaced by a microphone icon. The Assistant icon is a great piece of technology but it’s hard to use if you’re not familiar with Google’s product.

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